Eco Friendly Tin Box

Tin is a silver-white metal. A golden oxide film is often formed on the surface of newly poured tin ingots from environmental protection tin.

When the tin bar is bent forcibly, due to the effect of tin double crystals, there will be a rustling noise, bite hard with your mouth ,it feels like biting a rustle.The louder the tin, the better it is.

There are also businesses that use zinc and potassium to deceive people, because potassium and zinc also rustle, the main difference is that using fire to burn for more than two minutes. The eco-friendly tin is not afraid of fire, potassium and zinc are afraid of fire, the smoke will appear in two minutes, the color is blue and red.

If there is silver in tin, put a little model tin to burn in a stainless steel bowl, pour it to the ground after melting, pour the molten tin into pieces, the sound of the model tin is different after cooling, the eco-friendly tin is not so loud.

Our environmentally friendly tin boxes are laser cut, painted, polished, painted and assembled by experienced senior tin box technicians.

According to your artwork and special requirements,any logo and design are available, and if you have legal copyright, we will protect your copyright.

  Our eco-friendly tin boxes are food grade and can be contact with food directly.