The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival, and most moon cakes are packed in tin boxes. Not only is it moisture-proof, but also the appearance is more atmospheric, it is better to send relatives, friends and families.

The design and processing of the tin box exterior packaging and the inner wall processing materials are more in line with the requirements of the public, so they are more popular.

The moon cake is not only a traditional food,but also is a culture. It is a trust of communication and kindness, carrying people’s blessings and expectations.

Therefore, the design of the moon cake box should reflect a culture, such as making the moon cake box into a double heart shape to express love directly, which can be sent as a holiday gift to elders and elders to children in other countries.

Different consumers have different requirements for the moon cake tin box.

Consumers who seek beauty will pay more attention to the appearance of the product. Consumers with economic affordability generally have the psychology of seeking beauty, which pays attention to the shape of the product itself and the external moon cake packaging.

Consumers of the herd mentality are happy to cater to the prevailing trend, because the vigorous promotion of various media fashions and celebrities has promoted the formation of this psychological behavior.

Realistic consumers believe that the actual utility of the product is the most important, good quality and low price, and do not deliberately pursue the appearance of the appearance and the novelty of the style.

Consumers looking for differences believe that the styles of products and packaging are extremely important.They pay attention to novelty and uniqueness.