Tea Tin Box

Tea culture has been inherited from ancient times until now, and people still regard drinking tea as a normal way of life. Nowadays, it is very popular to give tea as gift. Drinking tea can not only preserve one's health but also lose weight.

How should the merchant that sells tea choose tea packing can correctly? Tea is directly drunk into the human body, which is directly related to human health,  so the packaging of tea must choose a good one. At present in the market to understand that there are 5 kinds of tea packaging, such as plastic cans, glass cans, ceramic cans, metal cans, wooden cans and so on. So which is better?

We should analyze from the characteristics of tea itself, tea itself absorbs moisture easily, and can't always be exposed to light. So the packaging of tea boxes must be strong sealing and opaque. In addition, delicate appearance packaging can also promote consumer consumption. While production or delivery of tea are large Numbers of quantity are many, so the box that packs tea must be able to resist extrusion, withstand high temperature. Through the above introduction, a person with discerning eyes can see that tin can is the most suitable for tea.

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