Tea Tin Box Manufacturer

The tea tin is a tin can for storing tea. People like to use tin to purify the water to make the taste more sweet in ancient times. Tin is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Generally speaking, metals have a metallic taste, but tin does not.Tin is an element that is non-toxic, harmless and cool.

As a green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless substance, tin box has good anti-virus, thermal insulation and fresh-keeping functions.

  In addition, the tea tin box has many advantages.It is high temperature resistance,anti-oxidation,moisture-proof ,anti-exposure and anti-odor.

The dry and sealed characteristics of the tea tin box maintain the color, aroma and taste of the tea very well.

 The tin element is also very malleable and easy to carry and store.

The tea box which is made of tin has good sealing, because its own material characteristics, the can body is thicker, the neck of the can is high and the temperature is constant, the freshness preservation function is better.

The tea tin is relatively good varieties of tea cans. The appearance of the decoration and the carving are beautiful.