Tin cans move across the market because...

Tin cans move across the market because...(图1)

Tinplate is named as electro-tinned thin steel plate, and the English abbreviation is SPTE, which refers to cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plate or steel strip plated with pure tin on both sides, also called Tin.


The main function of tin is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and beautiful appearance of tin in a single material. It enjoys the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility.


 1. Opacity. In addition to causing food spoilage, light can also bring into changes in protein and amino acids. Vitamin C is more likely to interact with other food ingredients when exposed to light, causing a large amount of Vitamin C loss. According to research and analysis, the loss of nutrients in milk or juice packaged in clear glass is as much as 14 times that of dark glass package. It is conceivable that opacity is a big benefit for food!  


2. Good airtightness. The barrier properties of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases are very important for the preservation of nutrients and organoleptic quality. Comparison of various juice packaging containers proves that the oxygen transmission rate of the container directly causes the browning of juice and affects the preservation of vitamin C; metal cans, glass bottles, aluminum foil laminates, and cartons with low oxygen transmission rate can preserve vitamin C better, in which the iron can is the best.


3. The reduction effect of tin. The tin on the inner wall of the tinplate can interact with the residual oxygen in the container during filling, reducing the possibility of food ingredients being oxidized. The reducing effect of tin has a good preservation effect on the flavor and color of light-colored fruits and juices. Therefore, juice cans packed in unpainted iron cans are better in nutrition preservation than other packaged juice cans, with slight browning and good acceptability of flavor quality, so there exists the shelf life.


Why are tinplate cans so popular in the food industry?

In life, we often have access to many iron cans. Some people think that iron is so expensive. Why not use some cheap packaging items such as plastic bags or glass? Next, let me spread the knowledge of food packaging environmental protection.


First of all, we should all know that plastic bags are easy to cause white pollution. Some people have the bad habit of throwing away garbage bags. These garbage bags will not melt after thousands of years of burying in the soil, and they will also emit toxic gases and pollute air, which endangers human physical and mental health. In addition, plastic packaging products are easily heated and deformed during transportation and cannot safely protect the contents. Therefore, few enterprises choose to use plastic packaging bags.


Secondly, we all know that glass packaging products are easy to knock and break, and small glass particles or sharp glass pieces can easily scratch our skin. Needless to say during transportation, bumps are inevitable, but in order to reduce these unnecessary losses, of course, merchants rarely choose it.


When it comes to paper packaging products, we often think of trees. Paper is all made of wood. If you use a lot of paper products, cut down trees and destroy forests, you will be punished by nature. And if it is used for food, a layer of wax must be applied to the paper product. This layer of wax is the same as the wax in the instant noodle bucket. It has been reported in the news that a child has eaten the instant noodle packed by bucket for a long time, which caused the stomach of this kid to be wrapped in a thick layer of wax. It is really horrible! In addition, the paper has poor airtightness, is easy to absorb moisture and cannot be recycled. Therefore, the development of paper packaging productsin the future is not very promising.


Finally, the highlight is that the reason why tinplate cans are so popular in the packaging industry is not because it does have too many advantages. Its only disadvantage is that it will be a little rust after a few years, but this is completely avoidable. First of all, the price of tin cans will be a little bit more expensive than the above packaging products, but it is high cost-effective. The the iron can with good sealing performance and opacity, it can safely isolate the outside air, moisture and light, and protect the contents of the can. Most importantly, the iron cans can be recycled, in line with international environmental protection requirements and future product trends. In addition, during transportation, the iron cans with wear resistance and good rigidity, is not easy to crack or deform, which reduces unnecessary losses.