Custom Tins

Now, people's demand for tea canister is much higher than tea. In order to meet the needs of customers, we improve and innovate constantly to product tinplate tea canister ang tin boxes.

According to the needs of customers, the tea canisters ang tin boxes can be customized according to the materials that they can accept to make tea canisters and the price range of tea canisters.

After the selection of materials, the appearance and color of the tea canister and tin boxes are also very important. We will also meet the needs of customers.

Custom Tins(图1)

The hardness of the tin boxes cannot be bad, so when choosing the materials for production, we cant choose the materials that are bad, otherwise the tea canister cannot protect the tea. The better the quality and appearance of our tea box, the better the quality of the corresponding tea will be.

Now the use of tinplate tea canister and tin boxes are more and more favored by businesses and consumers.The tinplate tea canister exquisite appearance packaging and reuse of environmental protection are the reason why they are popular.

We are specialized in the production of tinplate cans and tin boxes, We provide customized metal packaging services for cosmetics, daily necessities, health products, food, tea canister, gifts and other products.

The product output is large.We has the perfect production operation, the sales team and the research and development team that can provide the one-stop custom service.